Design systems also summarize the project’s goals, the brand’s values, and how the website will carry them out. While originality and memorability are important in UI design, so too is the users’ confidence with the interface. And straying too far from the norms can be hugely problematic for many websites. UI designers conduct competitive research to find out what leading companies in the space are doing with their websites as well as to see what they look like and how they work.

  • ” You can learn more about UI design for accessibility in our guide.
  • UI designers are typically involved after some UX work has been completed.
  • The easiest way to distinguish between UX and UI design is to think about what they each stand for.
  • UI designers, on the other hand, might graduate with a degree in digital design, graphic design, or interaction design.
  • With IA sketched out, UX designers can start turning ideas into tangible models, such as wireframes and prototypes.

This range, while indicative of the average, can stretch even further on both ends. Top professionals, especially those holding lead or directorial roles in major companies, might earn well beyond this range. On the other hand, entry-level designers or those in regions with lower living costs might start on the lower end of the spectrum.

What is UI design?

UX designers focus on solving user problems in a usable fashion, while UI designers ensure these solutions are joyful and visually appealing. While some companies have dedicated interaction designers, it’s often part of the UI designer’s responsibilities. Without interaction design, although the product would still be usable, the whole experience would be tiresome and bland.

ux designer vs ui designer

It’s all about making sure that the user interface of a product is as intuitive as possible, and that means carefully considering each and every visual, interactive element the user might encounter. So we now know, in abstract terms, what the role of the UX designer entails—but how does this translate into everyday tasks? Here is an example of a UX designer’s typical tasks and responsibilities. You’ll find a more detailed account of the UX design process in this guide. Essentially, UX applies to anything that can be experienced—be it a website, a coffee machine, or a visit to the supermarket. The “user experience” part refers to the interaction between the user and a product or service.

UX vs UI design: The main differences between the two

The impact on the user is huge and it heavily influences how they feel about the service as a whole. The first library can expect happy customers who return time and time again, while the second can expect an ever-dwindling number of visitors. UI design is the process of designing how digital interfaces look and behave. It covers all the visual and interactive properties of websites, software and apps—from colours and typography to buttons, scroll functions, animations and more. The user interface relates specifically to the screens, buttons and other visual and interactive features a person uses to interact with a digital product, such as a website or app.

If you want to figure out which career path is right for you, it’s important to consider the key skills required by UX vs. UI designers, as well as the typical day-to-day tasks of each. As a visual and interactive designer, the UI role is crucial to any digital interface and, for customers, a key element to trusting a brand. While the brand itself is never solely the responsibility of the UI designer, its translation to the product is. Search for UX on job listing sites, and you’re likely to find companies looking for UI/UX designers. Some companies do sometimes look for candidates with both sets of skills. But often when you start looking more closely at these listings, you’ll find the role leans more towards one than the other.

The UX Design Case Study That Got Me Hired

UI design, on the other hand, is concerned with the visual design and the aesthetics of the product. This includes components such as layout, typography, buttons, color scheme, animations, and much more. Their goal is to naturally guide users seamlessly through their journey through each screen they interact with. Though they work in close proximity, and their careers are sometimes combined into one title, UX and UI designers are not the same. Their specific work on product development, daily tasks, and project objectives, as well as the job skills needed, set the two careers apart. Are you a graphic designer looking to break into the exciting tech industry?

ux designer vs ui designer

There are some important distinctions to be made between the two—especially if you’re considering a career in design. UX designer salaries are typically higher than those of UI designers. According to the 2022 Salary Guide by digital creative staffing agency Onward Search, more than half of UX designers in the US reported making at least $104,200.

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So, we can understand the meaning of UI design as building upon and expanding the Graphic Design definition, inasmuch as it relates to the way the things we use and interact with look. You can also take a step back and consider how you approach the web as a consumer. That might be a good indicator of what excites you most about web design and what you’ll excel at most. As you can see, UI and UX designers of all experience levels and in varying types of specialties are needed. Usually, the UX designer hands off their research and work to the UI designer and web developer. And the UI designer hands off their mockups to the web developer.

As you can see, there’s no definitive winner when comparing UI and visual designer salaries. It’s also important to take these averages as a benchmark rather than an exact guide; besides location, salaries also vary depending on seniority level, individual skillsets, and the type of company. As we learned in the previous sections, visual design is a rather broad design discipline. UI design, on the other hand, is a specific term which relates solely to the design of those digital user interfaces we just described above.

Accessibility and inclusivity are important considerations for anyone interested in UX/UI design. This website lays out some people-first design concepts that can help make your designs accessible to a much wider range of users. If you’re working on a smaller team, you might take on a wider range of tasks like helping with information architecture or project management and coordination with development teams.

ux designer vs ui designer

While you don’t necessarily need a degree to get a job in UX design, you will want to demonstrate your skills through a portfolio of work. Compile the projects you’ve finished in your coursework, volunteer work, and unsolicited redesigns. Tools for user research might include surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, or A/B testing. Your UI and UX developers fall in the first category, front-end developers.